Sasaki and Miyano (1)

  • Author & Artist Shou Harusono
  • Released Feburary 2021 by Yen Press
  • Translation: Leighann Harvey
  • Editor(s): unlisted
  • Genre: School Life, Romance

In trying to save another student from bullying, first-year Miyano crosses paths with the second-year Sasaki. Now, three months later, Miyano can’t get Sasaki to leave him alone. Everyone around Miyano seems to think Sasaki may have some ulterior motives to their relationship – especially since he won’t stop calling Miyano cute – but Miyano insists that they are just regular friends. But, not all regular friends share BL manga with each other do they, Miyano?

What’s Inside

Sasaki and Miyano is a blended 4-koma and standard style manga depicting the lives of titular characters Shuumei Sasaki and Yoshikazu Miyano. This debut volume contains inner-cover comic pages, 4 full-color laminated pages, 7 story chapters, a 5-page bonus comic, a character lineup, several mini-comics and 2 pages of translation notes. Miyano, a BL fanboy (fudanshi), finds his daily life infiltrated by his upperclassman Sasaki – a well-known delinquent at the school – after a chance encounter when Sasaki steps in to keep Miyano from jumping into a fight the smaller boy had no chance of winning. Sasaki finds himself captivated by Miyano’s adorable looks and sets out to become closer to his underclassman while dropping some not-so-subtle hints that he wants a bit more out of their friendship – not that Miyano is catching any of said hints.

My Thoughts

Cute. The only word I can put to this manga is cute. It’s such an innocent, first-love shonen-ai so far and I can’t get enough of it. I think this more blended format also works well with this kind of story since a school romance story can sometimes drag on if we go sort of day-by-day, week-by-week through the build-up. In fact, I think we get through an entire cultural festival, new years, and valentines within the span of this one volume without having to sit through the lengthy narrative often given to more “traditional” school romance stories. The focus is on Miyano and Sasaki, not the greater school life around them, which I really like.

My Ranking

8 / 10 – A Great Read
I don’t want to give the first volume too high of a score because there’s always room to grow or change, but it is a really solid manga. It’s light-hearted and funny enough to keep you entertained with the roots of romance slowly growing enough to keep you wanting more. I personally can’t wait to read more of this series and see how the relationship between Sasaki and Miyano will develop.

Where to Find It

Sasaki and Miyano volume 1 is available for purchase from Yen Press in both paperback and digital editions. Paperback copies have a list price of $13 while digital downloads are listed at $6.99. Volume 2, due out April 20th of this year, is listed for the same price. If you’d like to see more of mangaka Shou Harusono, you can find them on both Twitter and Pixiv!

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