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Dropped Titles – 3

We are back again with yet another list of dropped titles! This one’s a bit different because we’ve got some light novels added into the fray!For first-timers to this series, these manga and light novels will fall into one of three categories: Easily obtainable + no further interest; Difficult to obtain + no further interest;Continue reading “Dropped Titles – 3”

Urusei Yatsura (1)

Author & Artist Rumiko Takahashi Released February 2019 by Viz Media imprint VIZ Signature Translation: Camellia Nieh Editor(s): Amy Yu Genre: Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction

Ne Ne Ne

Author Shizuku Totono Artist Daisuke Hagiwara Released December 2018 by Yen Press Translation: Taylor Engel Editor(s): unlisted Genre: Romance, Historical, Fantasy

Sasaki and Miyano (1)

Author & Artist Shou Harusono Released Feburary 2021 by Yen Press Translation: Leighann Harvey Editor(s): unlisted Genre: School Life, Romance


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